My Dekor Ambition

I watch all those home decor shows, read all the damn magazines and browse the internet…all while I shake my massive curly head (white girl Afro status) and ponder why the hell I am a slave to the service industry when I can do better than majority of those folks. Who the hell needs a piece if paper stating I can or can not do such and such or that I’m even good at it…I’m fucking great at it!

My Dekor ambition is to show you (and myself) that you can have a chic, funky/classy/sassy/sweet/retro/whatever, cheaply priced, do it yourself and radical home without feeling like you walked into a museum (and you can’t touch your own fucking belongings). Lets face it….we live in our homes, our friends live at our homes and we all deserve to be comfortable. I never want to be the wench that tells someone not to sit on my damn couch cause it’s just for looks…I want my friends to enjoy my fabulous couch that I saved for months to get and waited until it when on super sale (I also had coupon)…thank you World Market! It’s a couch, sit please.


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