On my quest to spirituality……..

Stumbled across a hilarious (something we can all relate to in a way) blog…


A year ago I was dating a guy who was definitely, hands down the bottom of the barrel pick.  Why?  (I still ask myself that..) He was tall, dark, semi-toned, socially unacceptable and had a handful of missing teeth. ( visible missing teeth!  Where he loved to flick his tongue through the gaping fucking hole) At that time, I really felt he was my last chance to being in love.  (where did that thought come from?)  But, anyways, I still chose to put up with his erratic behavior, severe weight loss (only dated 3 months) and small semi-hard dick.  Because, clearly this was the man of my dreams!  Well, low and be hold at the age of 33, I get pregnant with this dick wad! (in the last 17 years of having unprotected, stupid sex did I ever get pregnant! Agh!) Again, this must be the man of my dreams!…

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