Curbing it!

This couldn’t be my tiny adorable home? It has no life and where the fuck is the love?! But however this is the prefect place for me to hide from my amazingly wonderful ex boyfriend that seemed to move a block away, (on a one way street mind you) he will never find me in this rubbish home.

Granted, we have these visions (or not) of what we see when we pull up to our homes…sometimes they stay just as deathly as the day you moved in…sometimes not. What most don’t understand…things take time. Curb appeal doesn’t happen in a day…shit isn’t magic…doesn’t appear out of nowhere. Money and time come into play…and if you’re anything like me…I overthink every damned thing in my life…and nothing is ever fucking complete. But who gives a shit.

Needless to say,

20131105-121152.jpg I couldn’t keep pulling up to a lifeless house! This took nothing! Vintage green chairs, 5 rose bushes and some love. Now granted…more could’ve been done and next spring more will be done but for now…I’m cool. For Pete’s sake, I fucking put a bike outside my house every damn day because it looked better there then in my garage collecting spider webs.

Plus, now it’s cold as balls and I don’t see myself painting my stoop when I can cut glass with my nipples. Leaving your outside unfinished is okay…it gives you something to look forward too…plus you’re the only one that knows it’s not complete (will it ever be).

Even better the holidays allow me to change it up too without getting crazy and excessively overthinking my next move…(allowing a temporary change in deKor but nothing permanent, thank god)


Lesson here…enhance the outside of your home…don’t try and add too much it takes away from the actual home…don’t be that old lady that keeps adding crazy shit outside that doesn’t have a fucking purpose but to get in the way when you’re making your way to the damn front door…


Please note:
The photos of my home are photographed on my damn iPhone 5…I don’t want anything to be picture perfect. Because like stated before WE LIVE IN OUR HOMES!
Nothing is cookie cutter…magazines are cool but does anyone actually live like that.


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