All night long (all night), All night (all night)…

Our beds…
We often cheap ourselves because spending a ridiculous amount of money on damn sheets seems absurd…it really isn’t. Think about how much time we spend in our beds…yup, a lot of damn time. Treat yourself to nice sheets, amazing down comforter and plush pillows…you deserve this, Christ, your fucking bed deserves it.
Love thy bed…
You know the only thing that listens to our damn five year old sob tantrums (yes, tantrums because we all don’t cry pretty, mine is more like Kim Kardashian on steroids sob). Our bed knows when we have ridiculously bad sex (small wieners, problems getting it working, bad orgasm faces, loud queefs…it’s seen it all).
Those night demons that we haven’t been able to escape since we were kiddos and moments of complete bliss…(best sex of your life, most amazing coffee, sleeping past 9am on your day off, waking up without a wicked wine hangover, staying up past your bedtime entranced in a good book or latest HGTV Mag), I mean, that’s my heaven! Our bed is our domain…our life saver. Treat it as such…dress it up, change the covers (don’t be gross and keep the same damn sheets for ten years, you aren’t a pig). Your bed tells a story about you…mine is actually pretty pathetic…you take one look and think my grandma is trapped in that 25 year olds body (truth)…let your story be.
Love thy bed…
It keeps all our dirty little secrets (sometimes it keeps our stains too) 🙂

20131108-103930.jpg wait, love TJ MAXX…always love TJ MAXX…bringing Ralph Lauren and I together as sleeping partners for years now.


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