The Decades

No matter what year your house was built…it has some trace of uniqueness (even those awful 1980s and early 1990s homes).
So here we are…2013 and I’ve grown into the ticks of older homes. I rented this tiny loft of an old 1932 home where they split the levels. Downstairs and the basement, two (easy on the eyes) men lived and I had the adorable exposed brick loft. Small small loft…but damn did the vaulted ceilings and original bathroom sell me.


Small spaces are hard to furnish, funky small spaces are even harder. I literally had no kitchen, or pantry and my refrigerator was dorm size…but I worked with it. I turned this ugly duckling loft into a funky fucking master piece. I couldn’t take away from how odd it was so I added things…they say less is more…in this case more was fucking more! I painted rooms to separate them, I added shelves to give me places to hold my kitchen appliances and I even had a graffiti artist come and tag my stairwell (because why not).


Each place you live in, has history…why take away from it when you can work with it. I thought my mother was going to shit her pants when she first walked into my old home…literally, she looked fearful that her baby was renting this place…I saw something in it…and I let my vision come true.


Now, these photos don’t show just how rad it was, also they are photos from my old ass MacBook…deal with it.
Point being…your vision is your vision…older homes have character and sometimes you need a little bit to enhance the greatness or a lot a bit to. Your home, your way.


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