Lazy Days

I’ve been working non fucking stop on home projects and at the job that pays my damn bills. I needed a very overdue lazy day…basking in the glory of my home.

Do you take time to enjoy your peaceful place? When was the last time you actually sat and enjoyed the roof over your head and the belongings that surround you?

My pride and joy is this tiny home that I continue to make my very own.

Lounging around with coffee and a good book while pandora is at a comfortable volume (Lorde radio is my new favorite), serenity. Literally, I’m staring at this adorable owl and an old knock off telephone laughing at how I have not one but two fucking telephones on display in my home…every time I look at this owl (a million times a day), I think of my soul sister…and suddenly a smile is across my face because she’s fucking badass. Crazy, how just sitting here thinking…and seeing things I’ve purchased or gifts I’ve received makes me realize how happy I truly am…that this moment, this lazy moment is all mine…and I’m fucking happy (and craving cheese, and I have a pretty view of outside).


Take moments…your house may never be finished or you may always want more with it…but some days you deserve to just sit and see it all. Your home is a safe haven, your go to place to escape the craziness of your life…to enjoy it all…you may look and see things you’ve forgotten about; kids first steps, when you found out the best or the worst news of your life, a kiss here, spilt milk…all the good, silly, bad and in between things…enjoy it all.

How can I not be happy! I wake up to this glory every damn day.


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