Ratchet Ass….Washroom?!?!

1932 did washrooms way better than 1942…

1932 Washroom
– Large (almost the biggest room in the house)
– Pedestal Sink
– Amazing Tile Work
– Deep and Long….Washtub (pervs)
– The Built-ins Were Strong, Large and Made Beautifully

1942 Washroom
– Small Washtub
– Tile Color and Work is Mediocre
– The Porcelain God is Angled into a Silly Position
– The Sink is Terrible….TERRIBLE

I actually could bore you about how not cool it is but, I won’t.

Everything about my house is amazing but that damn washroom… I moved in and threw things in it and refused to deal…the only thing I took down was the horrible glass doors…Mind you this bathroom is flesh tone puke pink…my old one was vintage green, black and white…I made it worse by placing my decor from the old home….

I made it ratchet.

So very ratchet.

Well this past weekend…drinking wine (always gives me the best ideas) with my friend and laughing at our recent dating dilemmas….it hit me like a ton of bricks…I AM DISGUSTING. A woman’s washroom says so much about them, granted mine was clean but it was a disaster. Picture this, wait…. This is before I took the doors down…


Now, picture this…a black and white squiggle shower curtain, every color under the sun bath mat and of course to accompany the bath mat, I had the rainbow for towels….not to mention those shelves had a mixture of random candles that I somehow put there and left…no fucking purpose and a DISASTER.

Point being…I was seeing a euro basketball player who no shit was 6’10….literally…six-fucking-ten (I am five-fucking-two on a good day)…he would come over and of course he would use the washroom of hell…didn’t think anything of it because the rest of my house is adorable…then my friend brought up 6’10 (what we kindly refer to him as) and SMACK…how could I fail to notice that this man wouldn’t not pay attention to my ratchet washroom, the toilet is in the corner, the shelves with all the crazy shit is right in his face when he is taking a wiz! Puke Pink and child squiggles of black and white don’t match, it’s like a clown threw up in there! I’m mortified at this realization and my “best friend” is pissing herself.


I went to bed thinking about it…woke up and tore the disaster apart, deep cleaned and went to Target on a mission. “No more ratchet washroom, no more ratchet washroom.”

and….can you believe it…





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