This is Real…raw…it’s me(me).

I wake up with crazy ass hair every damn morning…and I love it…I have to be the most brutal person to wake up next to. Seriously, my hair takes over all the pillows and the other person’s face, my cheeks swell and I am a hog of everything…to top it off I’m a grumpy ass bitch too (3 cups of coffee before I’m somewhat pleasant).

I literally state this warning to all those willing to share a bed with me (friends/family/boyfriends), “So please don’t fucking judge, because I am a disaster when I wake up, no shit I look like a clown, my face looks like a balloon and my hair is a nest…ready for bed”?

I’ve woken up too many times with my friends and family scared to death or they snap photographs…I hate black mail!

As for former boyfriends, if the mother fuckers run then they fucking run! I’ve decided that I won’t even think about dating anyone that doesn’t appreciate me when my hair is down (out in my case)…fuck you man, if you can’t accept me for my natural beauty then goodbye…no more dick bags telling me to straighten my hair or pull it back (yup truth). I’m happy in my skin…I love my curly and crazy hair…

Be raw, be real..




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