Ugly Duckling

We all have them, we all hate to admit it but they are there…in our daily lives. We are embarrassed by the way they look but damn are they so good to us.

Yours may be hidden in a room where most enter or they are right out in the open begging for your plump ass (literally).

Who is this ugly duckling I dare to speak of?

Your grandma style but fucking cozy as fuck chair…we love to hate it. I think we should all embrace the damn ugly ducklings. I love mine…I think my father loves mine even more so than I…it’s his designated napping chair. Seriously, he naps in it every time he comes over, mid sentence and the old man is snoring away.

My duckling


My morning coffee place, my blogging spot, my wine consumption destination, my fathers napping chair, my visitors station….whatever the fuck you want to call it, love that your chair has seen more ass than Kanye West (we know he sees a whole lotta ass).

I love you grandma chair…


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