I have a weekly dinner date with my best friend…we’ve been doing this for years and up until the last month we only went to one place…we since now have changed that due to lame men overtaking our watering hole (the food was kinda downgrading too but we are loyal people).

After years of my mother telling us girls we need to be “seen”, my friend and I decided we will try all the new restaurants in town. Upon thorough research of places, we’ve concluded that we need to sit at bars and eat, and arrive early so we have spots at said new places.

The last couple times, have really been simple. We eat, laugh, drink and call it a night. We go home feeling great and happy. Although, we haven’t met anyone which really isn’t the purpose but we’ve slowly found things out about ourselves and it really is a confidence boost.

Last night was no different from our routine except a few minuscule things. For instance, my petite and gorgeous BFF wore a tight long sleeve dress paired with leggings, leg warmers, and a fabulous scarf. Now, she is a beautiful creature but tight clothing isn’t her gig but damn did she rock it. I’m the opposite, I always show off my 5’2 frame with clothing that hugs my curves in all the right places. My exception for the evening was letting my white girl curly afro be wild and not pinning it back like normal. I have reasons for always pinning it (only when going out “out”), mainly I hate strangers touching my hair and plus it’s so large it tends to take up a lot of space. But I rocked the mother fucker. We.Looked.Great.

Like usual, we entered this fabulous building in the Midtown District of our hometown (it’s a city but a small one), we found cozy bar stools and proceeded to order a bottle of wine and dinner.

20131207-114900.jpg Then suddenly, a middle aged man was next to me like white on fucking rice and breathing in my ear. He stated he was “squeezing” in. With my jaw on the bar I slowly turned to my BFF and looked at her while she glanced up and down the empty bar!!! It was empty and he was basically sitting on my lap. It proceeded to get more ridiculous as this strange man put his hands in my curly hair…he literally molested my hair. I have no poker face at all, I must have looked mortified while my friend was in hysterics. Her and I proceed to talk shit about the man who was throwing down hundreds for the bartender to break down all while using a cheesy Australian accent, truly terrible. The next thing I know our kind bartender is informing us that Creep McCreepster bought our bottle of wine. Good, he should have. For a hot wet second my BFF felt bad for talking shit about him, I told her otherwise. I never felt bad at all due to the fact that my hair was sacrificed for her drinking pleasure.

We proceed to have a more non eventful evening, catching up and talking about getting our “prison tattoos” fixed (we didn’t go to jail we just got really drunk once and went to get “inked”). Out if nowhere the creeper is back rubbing our backs and talking with a fake Irish accent now. My friend had recently traveled to Ireland and proceeded to question him, she was smelling his bullshit. I let her be as the attention was all on her now, good she let me get hair fondled. He was yapping about being a scientist and flying his private plane out tomorrow…good one sir seeing as a huge storm was planning to blow in that evening. He was a pompous ass. I kept ignoring him until he made fun of our wine choice and how slowly we were drinking…What a dick. I didn’t know this was a wine chugging contest. Whatever, the ass bought us another bottle and why not we had to put up with his terrible accents and lameness. We earned those bottles and I didn’t feel fucking bad taking it.

He left, we cheers and drank with smiles.

Hours after out arrival and two bottles of wine down (lots of water and food too) we decided now is a great time to drive by my exs house. My friend despised him (he was a wretched person), so she’s always down for late night nuisance. We drove by his house and layed on the fucking horn…dying with laughter we circle around and do it again! It was more hilarious the second time because lights came on. I honestly felt better about it. It sounds like a ridiculous thing to do…but we’ve all done it and if that’s all I do for the mass amounts of shit he put me through, who gives a hell.

We ended our evening frolicking in the snow flurries. We danced with freedom, happiness and a few snow balls. These are the moments I honestly cherish.

25, single and having the time of my life.




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