The Collection

I have this niche in my home, I believe (100% positive) that it was for telephones back in its first hey-day (it being in its second since my arrival). When I first moved in, I had not one single clue what the fuck I was going to do with it…seeing as my two vintage like telephones were already displayed properly. I played around with a few objects because that’s just what I do. I eventually let it be for a couple weeks (days, really).

I finally added a rad canvas photograph of my childhood pup (I say this loosely because the fucker didn’t kick the can till he was almost 19, in human years…I loved him though). The canvas didn’t fit well in the nook and cranny but he found his home above it. However, I was still stumped. This really shouldn’t have been such a daunting task but it was.

As I was unpacking the last of my things, my mother found these silver antlers she gave me last year. Don’t ask, I honestly don’t know why she thought I would need them. Maybe because I live in a state where the vast majority of men hunt and for some sick reason she thought they would help me snag a man (I lied about the “maybe” part, I know that is why she gifted me them). Anyways, they somehow ended up mounted in my damn telephone nook. I apparently have no choice about that areas decor.

Regardless, they fit the area well and I left it. I think me leaving it gave my mother the “go-ahead” to decor more. The next thing I know I have a Jesus candle accompanying my silver antlers (apparently, those things go together like paper and glue). My Mother being a Catholic Mexican woman, this didn’t surprise me…I laughed a little and let it be. I finished my cubbyhole with a photograph of her and I, it only seemed right to do so.

I actually love the flare my mother added and continues to add. ONE Jesus candle and now ONE has become a threesome AKA The Collection. THREE Jesus candles, I don’t think the nook can hold anymore but I’m certain more will somehow manage to reside there.

My Cranny, the happy home of my Mothers craziness and love.

If the silver antlers reel in a man, I’ll inform you all and praise my mother and her crazy ideas.


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