I get it from my Mama

Literally, I can thank my mother for so many wonderful things…my nappy hair, pale skin, my curves and ass…really the list can go on…but what I really love is the fact that she is just as fucking crazy as I.

When I send her a photo of my spiffy kitchen table, the only response back is a photo of her snazzed up table that looks way better than mine (bitch)!!! Of course, it grinds my gears that her photos are always top notch but she’s older (more experience) and the inventory at her home is insane. This woman can pull plates out her ass.

Regardless, I go over to her house after being so proud of my holiday decor to only find that she’s out done herself again…

CHRISTMAS TREE ON AN OLD WINE BARREL (she had my father make this into a table)!

Two mother fucking Christmas Trees!!!! One for the adults and one for my nephews. She must be on some sort of Christmas crack…man, she’s good.


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