Well Played Pops

Happy Christmas! I sure am fucking grateful for all that I have. I’m even more fucking grateful that tomorrow I get to squeeze the living hell out of my nephews for ten days! Best part of the holidays…

Anyways, my pops must be over me…the first present I open was a tool kit. Really?! Are you saying something Pops?! You don’t like “project” days at my house? I considered that “bonding” time with you.


However, it was really hilarious because I know that for some reason my parents are ready for my wings to spread and me to fly the coop, even though they don’t pay for anything and I live alone…I think my mother wants a wedding or her husband back…whatever. They should embrace me…I’m their BABY! They wanted me so desperately and now “off with my head”.

Those mother effers! Maybe everyone is mad because for 25 years once we are finished with presents I kindly remind everyone that my birthday is in two weeks…I just don’t want them to forget and hey…at least this year my present to everyone was admitting that I’m an asshole. Haha kidding…kinda. I’m not really a selfish person but my humor is odd (I’m an ass though).

Regardless, I had a happy day…who would of thunk that one would get super excited with cursing loudly and jumping up and down for flatware…I’m not fucking kidding…25 years old and I’m dying over glorious flatware set. I can’t wait to go decorate my table…


Oh and coolest thing ever, for once in my life I match my Pops…he slams me down with tools only to bring me back with matching house slippers!



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