We all know about this!

The People I Slept With.

For us bickering was foreplay. Was it our sarcastic nature, desire to disagree, or did we actually just hate each-other? Regardless, we certainly liked having sex.  If you over heard or read our conversations you would think we were both conceited assholes. I never called him “Babe” just “Idiot” or  “Jerk.” No conversation ever started with “Hey,” they started with ” F U,” or “Shut up.”  Instead of simply saying what he wanted he argued that I wanted it more, even when he started the conversation..  I guess he must of had the ability to read my mind. I can’t explain why but I liked being told what I wanted…. strictly in the bedroom that is. Although we constantly insulted and made fun of each-other… the sex was certainly no joke.

The antagonizing even continued the second it was over. He would always ask me how it was and regardless of…

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