Thank You, Mr. Seal

Have you ever seen person so incredibly yummy that in the second that it takes for your eyes to meet, you’ve already undressed them and are slowly picturing every curve of their body. All the sudden your face is flush and a heat wave is barreling through you, you can barely keep your legs closed, but the pressure is too much and all your animal instincts kick in…you need that persons naked body against your naked body.well, that just happened to me.

In celebration of my 26th birthday, two of my lady friends and I traveled up to beautiful Lake Tahoe for a weekend of dancing and regret. When we arrived to the hotel, we couldn’t immediately check in so we made our way to the bar. Looking like complete disasters, two of us on gnarly hangovers (one hangover mixed with Aunt Flo) and the other worked graveyard at the hospital the night before, had not slept and was a bit cranky…we were the creme de la creme of train wrecks.

Literally, the moment we pop a squat and I look up to notice this…beef cake, clad in boots, tight tee and even tighter jeans that make his ass look DELICIOUS. It was love at first backside. I was instantly regretting my poor choice in attire and my non makeup face. Within that second of thought, said beef cake turned around, gave me the smile of death and walked over to me.

Beef Cake: You, (pointing at me) what is your name? I am going to buy you a drink.

(baby jesus, he is talking to me…wait am I even saying anything…SPEAK MIMI…why is Emma nudging me…ohh)

Idiot (me): Um, Mimi…uhh, I just got one, wait, yes…thank you

Beef Cake: Nice to meet you, I am Chris….What can I get you?

As he turned to walk away to purchase me an adult beverage, the three of us assess each other and quietly squeal in delight. He proceeds to walk back in a sultry manner and my panties may or may not have been a tad wet. He hands me my drink and our hands graze and those “maybe” wet panties were fucking drenched. Chris offers my disasters drinks as well, retrieves them and plops down right next to me. heaven, wet panties and booze

We all bull shit some more, when suddenly 3 more sexy ass men in tight jeans, boots and tees come and join us. When did the sexy train drop them off, happy fucking birthday to me. Come to find out there wasn’t just the 4 of them sexy ass mother fuckers there was TWENTY, twenty of these delicious men…in one area…how can that even be possible.

Would you care to know how that becomes possible?! Possible that none of these men were under 6’0 or weighed less than 220 lbs?! That Chris, my new beef cake looked like a fucking action figure…that all 4 of them had the best manners and were so respectful?! How they can talk to each other with their eyes! Why their massive arms were full of beautiful tributes to their lost brothers?! Because these men, these men were a different breed. These men were Navy Seals…these men were the most humble, well-rounded and beautiful men I have ever laid my eyes on.

These men, seemed to be enthralled by three disastrous women. These men, continued to by us rounds of cocktails and engage in great conversation without us feeling like all they wanted was our panties (extremely drenched ones) on the ground in their room. I literally had to pick up my jaw from the disgusting bar floor numerous times. Check in time came and went and we were still enjoying our eye candy. Kate finally spoke up telling me to go check in so we can drink and get ready. I walked out of the bar, saw the mile check in line and turned around. I was not to stand in line for a half hour while my two friends get tossed with Navy Men. I plop down next to my new friend, he grabs me another drink and disappears without a word to anyone.

I didn’t think anything of his disappearance other than missing the warmth from his hand that had been nicely placed on my leg. I finally get my ass up to go check in (again). I am at the back of the line when Chris finds me. He kindly states that he had been waiting in line for me this entire time and my turn was up. He gives me his million dollar smile and walks his amazing ass back to the bar. I am in to big of a daze to even noticed that the lady at the counter had been saying, “ma’am” repeatedly for a solid 30 seconds. what is this man doing to me. I proceed with the counter lady as best as possible, all I kept thinking about was the glorious man who left me with a fleet of butterflies in my stomach and the rattled brain.

I return yet again to my friends and the Navy Men….continued our banter for a moment. We finally pull ourselves from their trance, numbers had been exchanged and we head up to our room. We laugh the entire way up and continue to be amazed that the three of us were just hit on looking the way we do. We mutually decide that if the men call us to hang out again that we will.

Not to long after we get settled and snap this photo does my telephone beep.

Chris: Dinner? We’re hungry.
Me: Come up to our room. We’re drinking champagne, getting ready.
Note: Emma wrote back because I stared at my screen for 5 minutes trying to figure out how to respond

We tell them the room number and begin to get dressed as fast as possible. I don’t know about the girls but I swear I almost shat myself I was so damn nervous. They arrived, by now, I didn’t need to shit my pants, I was only sweating so much that we needed to hurry and get some fresh air. I walk out of the bathroom, a changed woman…my hair was no longer tied back and my sweats were placed in my bag, I had birthday cleavage showing and tight pants on. The look Chris gave me once I came into line of sight was something I will never forget. He wanted my nuts, good…I wanted his.

The night continued greatly, well minus my two friends melting rapidly but I didn’t even care at that point. These men, gave us their jackets to keep warm, kindly asked us to link arms with them so we wouldn’t fall on the dangerous black ice, fed our starving bellies (PAID), bought us more drinks and escorted us to the bathroom just so we were safe. why aren’t more men like them, it is insane. After an eventful dinner full of laughs and modest under the table touching between beef cake and I, we headed to their room so they could pick up the rest of their crew and change for the night out with myself, sleeping Kate and hammered Emma. Literally, Kate fell asleep holding a chicken wing, and Emma had melted.

Chris held my hand the entire walk to their room, we talked about life and I honestly do not know how I kept my pants on so damn long. We entered the suite and holy fuck, I died. There seriously were TWENTY FUCKING ACTION FIGURES. All of which shook my hand, some gave up their seat, and a few made us cocktails. We were in a room full of dime pieces. They must have been super interesting because it was 9pm and Kate was asleep sitting up in a chair. This time, one of them cleaned a room and lifted Kate up and put her to bed. I kindly left her a note by her face, “ you’re an ass, you are safe, call me xxoo”.

I don’t know where Emma was the entire evening. I was to busy undressing beef cake with my eyes, feeling his hands on my hips as we danced and dodging his kisses. yes, I was dodging his kisses, I know if I would start I wouldn’t stop and I think it’s a felony for having sex in public. But holy hell, was the heat between us intense. The gaze from his eyes and the way he licked his gorgeous lips while staring up and down my body. I’ve never felt so exposed yet so clothed.

I could go into great detail about this man and this night. I could write for days in lengthy details about every touch, glance, and moment I shared. I can tell you that being called “a breeder” by twenty Navy Seals is apparently a very good compliment (my hips don’t lie). That seeing the morning light hit his glorious naked body, accentuating his beautiful tributes on his arm while seeing every ripple of muscle as he breathed so deeply, made me feel like I was in a dream. That after an amazing evening spent with the incredible hulk, led to an even more amazing morning, the way he knew my body, all the proper places to touch and kiss. When to be rough and gentle and that you can make love with a complete stranger without regret.

After I composed myself, took a couple of showers and packed up the room…my own incredible hulk took all 3 bags and carried them to the car. His manner didn’t change because I gave up the cookie. We walked hand in hand to his hotel to find my disasters. Which when I arrived, they were already disasters. The girls never stopped drinking, or if they did…I couldn’t freaking tell because they seemed to be in just the same state as I left them (minus Kate being awake). I wish I was surprised but I wasn’t, I know these girls way to well. I threw up my hands and told them to pass me the gin. The day continued, more drinking and a visit to the pub across the way. Sly glances and his deadly smile had me remembering every inch of is delicious body.

Obviously, at some point our day had to end, Kate was asleep at the bar and I think Emma stormed off to cry (or yell). We couldn’t really drive down the fucking mountain, so beef cake called in a Newbie (I don’t have to explain), to have him drive our car to Reno (yes, this happened, yes I was shocked and yes I let the girls be in one car and I in the other). I ravished that man the entire car ride and upon exit he gave me the best farewell kiss ever.

I honestly had a hard time wrapping my head around this trip, this past weekend with these men. So many things happened that I am having a hard time putting them into words. I wish I could relive it but then again I wouldn’t have been able to experience last night.

Beef Cake, oh the glorious chiseled, handsome man was walking into my tiny home, looking better than I remember. Had I possibly forgot how incredible he was? He seriously drove an hour and half to visit me for 8 hours just to drive back and leave. This possibly couldn’t be my fucking life, there isn’t possibly a Navy Seal (yes, I will forever remind everyone) standing in my living room. I don’t really remember much, other than how is skin felt against mine and how we seemed to talk about nothing and everything. I wish the night didn’t have to end. I wish that this man didn’t live miles away. I wish I could feel his hard body wrapped around me and smell him (creep). Last night topped the weekend before, it made me feel alive. I haven’t stopped smiling since he left. I lingered longer in my sheets this morning, smelling his musky scent and thanking the universe.

If I never see this man again, or never hear from him…I am okay…wait, I am better than okay. I did something I never do, I opened up to a man, I let in the unknown and I let him go. I made love to a complete stranger, I connected with another soul and I didn’t cry when it was over. I feel alive and empowered. I am not worried if I didn’t impact his life or if I did. I am one independent and hard ass bitch but I was softened just a little by a Navy Seal in flannel. I hope that everyone at some point in their lifetime has such an awakening.

Dear Mister Navy Seal,

Stella got her groove back.

Thank you,

Oh, and thanks for the flannel.

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