The Breakup

We’ve all experienced this. We’ve all dreaded it and we all can say it’s not exactly fun. You’re breaking up with someone whom you’ve spent some time with, you know well, I’m sure they’ve seen your tears and smiles…but yet all good things must come to an end so better things can come (I hope so).

This is going to be one of my hardest break ups ever. There wasn’t a big blow out, no tears or harsh words (which makes it easier for some reason if there had been). I’ve been pondering this for a moment, I’ve sought guidance from my dear friends and I’ve justified it every which way possible…I still feel shitty but it needs to be done. I have to break up with my nail lady (yes, this is truth).

I’m sure you were thinking a romantic relationship and that I may be silly stewing on this but it’s reality. We’ve all broken up with hair dressers, nail techs, aestheticians, doctors and other people of the sort (or they have dumped us). These people have come to know us and we them. But sometimes it just doesn’t jive anymore and it is kind of gut wrenching.

I’ve been seeing my wonderful sweet nail lady for 10 years. She’s seen me blubber over exs and lost friendships or smile out of pure happiness. I honestly adore her. It comes down to that fact that I simply have to leave her…she raised her prices (she is allowed to and I fully support her) but I can no longer afford her in my budget.

We all have to do what we need to for ourselves. I keep thinking of ways to leave her, to tell her she rocks and that I have to go yonder. I’m literally beating myself up over this. I don’t know what is do hard about telling her the truth. My pocket book just can’t shovel out the extra cash.

Now I’m not hard up, I’m not pushing pennies, I live a pretty easy life with a few budgeting things here and there. But I’m single, 26 and to be honest I would rather save the extra money for something fantastic…it gets to the point where growing up comes first and that little bit extra that I use for my personal “treats” gets to ride in the back seat.

This is the point, the point of no return and the point most of us make the mistake. Instead of being honest we take the easy way out and make up some ridiculous lie and later on get caught with our pants down. I never want to be caught with my pants down (unless it’s a good reason).

I could tell her, I’m taking a break from nails, I lost my job, I’m leaving on a jet plane, it’s not you…it’s me,
someone stole my identity, my new boyfriend (I wish) doesn’t like nails or more bull shit that seems great at the time
. But none of those are fact, and I need to wear my big panties and suck it up. Plus, knowing my luck I would run into her with freshly done nails after I gave her this big elaborate story and that would be the death of me. honesty is the best policy.

I will not be a coward or be embarrassed. We had a long run. But she deserves more and I…well, I need to save money.

I have the up most respect for those in the industry. I completely understand why one may need to raise their prices. I’m not quite sure if others do. If we don’t see a change we don’t understand the raise. These people, live normal lives, have homes, car payments and what not. I do not expect things to be free or cheaper due just because I’ve been with her for so long.

Hell, she might even break up with me before I her. We’ve all been dumped and we’ve all dumped. Doesn’t get any easier we just get more honest by each one. My only thing I ask for those of you that are reading this, before you freak out in someone providing a service to you just think about them for a moment. They aren’t raising prices or moving to piss you off , they are doing it for the better for themselves. They are business people and they have the right to earn a living as well.

Be respectful.
Be honest.

If you have to do a break up just be kind about it…and remember if they follow you on any social network and you lie, they will find out!!!

I hate break ups.


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