The “Phase”

I love me some chocolate.

No no, let me rephrase that.


I can’t help myself, everyone thought it was a “phase” well the “phase” has being going on well past the “phase stage”.

There is just something about a tall black man that gets my vagina quivering. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know when I decided I was attracted to milk/dark chocolate more so than white chocolate but I am. I have a radar, if a sexy ass black man is within 100 yards of me, you bet your damn ass my lady bits are fucking pulsating.

Plus, it doesn’t help that black men seem to like all my business I got going on. I swear. It’s like this draw to each other, I could be with my bff who is just as curvy as I and she’ll notice a handsome man oogling my goodies. I always thought she was yanking my chain cause she is a dime but she wasn’t. I never understood it. I wonder if a put off an aura about me.

I’ve tried to explain my attraction to everyone, because my small city of ass fucks doesn’t seem to understand.

I like the contrast of our skin
I want beautiful babies
I love the way I’m touched
Chocolate tastes better than Vanilla
I love soul music, and Motown
They love my curly hair
I’m thick and they know how to handle me
They have giant cocks

Literally, I’ve said it all and all it comes down to is I went black, and I never want to go back…haha no but in reality, I’m attracted to what I’m attracted too and I can’t justify it or explain it.

Dear Handsome Chocolate Men,

I’m right here…waiting for you!

Curvy White Girl



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