The Second Letter

Dearest Mama Deb,

Today, is Friday the 8th…I didn’t sleep last night because I was to anxious to see you. I woke up and some how managed to get dressed and run out of the house. You greet me with those blinking brown eyes and a thumbs up. I told myself that your room 431 was a no crying zone. So far, I have accomplished my goal of holding it together for you. You look exhausted, but still as beautiful as ever. It is strange to see you this way, strange that the roles of our lives have now changed…but I have you, I have your hands to hold and your lessons to learn. I can’t wait to learn more, to love more and soak in more of you. I can’t wait to share more life and be more fulfilled in doing so. We have time…and I won’t waste it, I won’t refuse an opportunity to kiss you or hold your hand…I want to soak in as much as I can…

Today, I am not mad…today is the day that I make these terrible telephone calls to loved ones…today we all, change our journey with you.

Cheers Mom, To Our New Chapter,



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